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Here are some comments from our clients.

Bruce and Gayle Herschopf:

We have hired several photographers over the years for various occasions, but we have never been more satisfied with the photographs that were taken by Stuart Hill Photography. Stuart is a professional, patient photographer who was able to photograph the best family pictures we have ever had.

The following is a 5-star review posted on the rating site Yelp.com:


Mrs. Gayle G., Woodbridge, VA:

5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars


As you can tell by my Yelp pic, I typically take horrible photos. In fact, I hate getting them taken. Stuart makes an experience that I normally find akin to pulling teeth a pleasant one-- and that is not an easy feat.

Flashback to 2002. My hubby to be and I are checking out the hotel where the wedding was to take place. We mention that fact in passing to Stuart. "Would we want an engagement photo?," he asks. Hrm... never thought of that. So, he takes a few and today there is a copy of that photo in my parent's house, as well as my other "parents" home.

So, when we wanted maternity photos of me as well as -- eventually -- photos of my little man there was only one person to call. I am going to go ahead and add some photos that Stuart took of my adorable baby (yeah, I am not biased).


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